Podcast 4: How B2B eCommerce Pricing Is Different From B2C Pricing

podcast eyal rozenberg

Pricing strategy is especially important in the realm of eCommerce, when you may not have as much relationship leverage or a geographic advantage. When we think about price and discounting methods, we usually think of BOGO and B2C, however pricing strategies in the B2B ecommerce world are even more complicated due to account and contract complications.

In this  episode, Sam Gupta, a host of the WBS Rock podcast speaks with Eyal Rozenberg, Senior Product Manager at Pepperi, who discusses B2B eCommerce pricing nuances and how it is different and more complex than B2C. Eyal also talks about various complex B2B pricing scenarios such as sub-order, which impact user experience and ERP interactions. Finally, he describes the differences between pricing, discount, and coupon and why multi-channel pricing scenarios are even more complex to implement.

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