Chex Finer Foods Chooses Pepperi for B2B Sales

“I thought that Pepperi had the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf configurable platform, experience in working with sales reps, online ordering – features our customers are looking for.”

Michael Isenberg, VP, Chex Finer Foods

Full transcript:
My name is Mike Isenberg from Chex Finer Foods. We’re a 3rd generation, specialty natural food distributor. We sell specialty natural foods on the East Coast of the United States.

We’ve been on Handshake – we had a pretty complete platform with Handshake: sales reps, customers that take their own orders and grocery managers use the website – so I was looking for a fully-integrated solution and we chose Pepperi.

We were looking for all the different features so we chose the rep platform, the B2B platform and the iPad platform – so all the modules. We’re looking for something that have full suite of services.

As we started to look pretty quickly into different providers, I saw there were 2 different groups in the market. First there was the order-taking platforms, which i generally found were missing some sort of component. They had the phone and they had the web, but they were missing the iPad, or they had the iPad and they had the web, but they were missing the phone. And then there’s the customized solutions which were with some of the bigger – you know potentially bigger solutions – but those were too custom and it really would take too much work for us to come up to speed and build a truly customized module to our business.

I thought that Pepperi had the best of both worlds – where it had an off-the-shelf configurable platform, experience in working with sales reps, online ordering – features that our customers are looking for.

I’m excited to have a more configurable software. I mean Handshake, I think when we signed up a couple years ago, it felt like it was more leading-edge, but you know a lot of our competitors are now offering better information to our customers, where they can understand exactly what’s going on in their business.

I think Pepperi is going to help us leapfrog in terms of that area – then also I’m looking forward to offering more robust solutions to our reps so they could be experts in the field. So I’m really excited about the opportunity.

You know, while we were looking at other solutions, I also thought Pepperi really did a good job trying to help understand our business. They brought in their senior people, their product specialists – they gave us a demo platform so I could test it out in the field with our reps, with our items – and they really did a good job answering the questions to help understand how to build the best win-win platform and also deliver a meaningful platform to us in a reasonable amount of time.

So I appreciate the efforts of the team to really find a good solution for us!


About Chex Finer Foods

Chex Finer Foods, Inc. is a third generation, family owned specialty and natural foods distributor built on a commitment to quality and service.

In 1965, Jay Isenberg had the vision and fortitude to start a specialty food company out of a small garage in Sharon, Massachusetts. They worked tirelessly to build an enduring family business committed to honesty, hard work, and an unending dedication to both valued customers and loyal employees.

Over 54 years later, the business has grown immensely and continues to thrive. With the third generation of Isenbergs (Jeremy and Michael) now leading, Chex Finer Foods is the leading specialty and natural foods distributor on the East Coast. We take a partnership approach to our business, both with our vendors and customers. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to helping our customers grow and succeed through exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and customized sales programs.

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