Pepperi’s Route Accounting & DSD module

Full transcript:
Pepperi’s Direct Store Delivery and Route Accounting module helps your drivers visit more customers, deliver more goods, and sell more per day.

With Pepperi you can:
• Manage deliveries, payments and van inventory.
• Monitor KPIs for improved sales and productivity.
• Take van sales orders with complex pricing calculations.
• Document competitor products and promotions for business intelligence.

Here’s how it works:
At the start of the day, your driver arrives at the warehouse and uses the Pepperi app to
see which orders and inventory the sales manager assigned to him which need to be loaded in the van.

If required, the driver can clock in using the app and record the van’s odometer reading.
The app displays a list or map view of the driver’s scheduled stops for that day.

Tap the first destination to navigate there using your preferred navigation app.
Once the goods have been delivered, payment can be collected.
Pepperi syncs seamlessly with ERP and payment systems.

Digital or paper receipts and invoice can be given to customers.
If the customer needs to return unsold items, the driver can also issue an RMA with Pepperi.

Returned items can automatically go back into the inventory if they are still re-sellable.
Pepperi enables drivers to also take orders on the spot from their van inventory, or for future fulfillment – with all the customer specific catalogs, price lists and promotions in hand.

Back at HQ, managers can track each drivers’ route and activity, and send them updated tasks, while viewing KPIs and analytics.

The DSD and Route Accounting module is part of Pepperi’s Enterprise Sales Platform – connecting all yourB2B sales touchpoints – so you can sell faster and smarter!

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