Cheryl Salter, Salter’s Distributing

“We’ve seen top and bottom line growth, which we attribute to Pepperi. We no longer have a ‘slow season’ and our reps are thrilled to be using state-of-the-art mobile apps that make their job much, much easier.”

Salter’s Distributing Sees 20% Boost in Business using Pepperi


Salter’s Distributing is a California-based wholesale distributor of general merchandise items, including toys, tools, stationary, sunglasses, and energy drinks, and specializes in servicing grocery stores, convenience stores, general merchandise stores, resorts and other small businesses.

The company has been in business for over 25 years and relies on an in-house sales team of 10 field agents and merchandisers to service its customers’ needs.


  • Prior to adopting Pepperi, Salter’s sales reps took customer orders using paper forms, and then physically submitted them to the head office for data entry into the company’s Intuit QuickBooks accounting software. This was logistically inconvenient, wasteful of company resources, and often resulted in human error, which in turn caused many orders to be rejected by customers (and damaged the business’s reputation).
  • While on the road, reps would call the head office to find out about a customer’s order history, outstanding debts, best-selling products, and campaigns. This was highly inefficient both for the field reps as well as for Salter’s back-office staff.
  • Sales reps would be assigned routes and activities on a daily basis, but management had to rely on the sales reps to email their activities to the main office at the end of each business day.
  • When introducing product lines to new customers, field agents used a paper catalog that did not have consistent or accurate representations of the products


  • Orders are now taken by field sales reps through Pepperi’s mobile sales rep app, which integrates to Salter’s back-end accounting software, Intuit QuickBooks, allowing for quick and accurate invoicing and processing of orders.
  • While on the road, sales reps utilize Pepperi in offline mode, which allows them to present interactive product catalogs, and quickly place orders, regardless of internet connectivity speed. Once the rep enters a WiFi hotspot, the orders immediately sync up with the back-end system to initiate order fulfillment.
  • Sales reps no longer have to send confirmation emails of their daily activities, as all activities are automatically tracked and geo-tagged in the Pepperi system. Management now has accurate and real-time visibility into all sales activities executed in the field.
  • Field agents are now able to see a full view of their customers at the touch of a button, enabling them to identify trends, prior interest in product lines, and favored products.
  • With the product e-catalog viewable via Pepperi’s mobile platform, sales reps interact with customers and present new product lines with attractive images and information, raising the professionalism of sales reps, and enhancing the brand image.
  • Salter’s Distributing implemented the system, including integration to QuickBooks Enterprise, in less than 6 weeks.


  • Overall sales have grown 20% since adopting Pepperi.
  • Average order size has increased 15%.
  • Salter’s ‘slow season’ has effectively been eliminated thanks to more productive field reps.
  • The solution has been enthusiastically adopted by the company’s sales force.
  • With increased efficiencies brought to the entire sales process, sales reps have more time to focus on strategic business development activities.