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"We're excited about the updates and the next functionality that I think this app can bring."
Minda Ghio, Director of Sales at Beauty Solutions

Transcript of the Interview with Minda Ghio and Shane Brown, Beauty Solutions

Beauty Solutions were obviously we’re a distributor and we have been in business we’re coming up to our close to our nine and a half years. We cover California, Arizona, Nevada which are all very dense big demographic. Our main customer is definitely the salon stylist beauty supplies, we service anywhere between sixteen thousand customers and individually because we have such a large independent contractor market here. Currently we have about thirty five reps and we are looking to hire an additional 24 by the end of this year, so we’re definitely in a growth mode. We have anywhere between 2300 to 2500 SKUs that we work with. We have a very heavy duty service business in terms of our color and then our extension business, so lots of individuals excuse in those particular lines, So its a lot to manage. I am the director of sales, so I run the entire sales division, I’ve been doing this for over 23 years always in the professional market always on the distribution side. I manage the five sales managers right now like I said 35 sales reps in the three states, I also directly supervise our three Inside Sales Consultants. I create all the new hire formats and the content. So all the training of the new hires pretty much comes from me. I create and I conduct different business training classes for salon owners and stylist, I teach those classes and salons all over California, Arizona and Nevada. I also coordinate all the facilitate, the sales meetings and the trainings with our Sales Consultants as well they’re manufacturers on a monthly basis. So that kind of a snapshot.

My name is Shane and I am the Beauty Solutions IT and marketing coordinator so I run the IT department and I also work a little bit in marketing. So I manage our NetSuite as our ERP and I have been setting up and working with Pepperi quite a bit, due our online web stores, I also do all of our internal networking and warehouse workflows and fulfillment workflows and I also do marketing email campaigns as well as online blog articles as well. Right off the bat the main challenge after we switch to NetSuite and by switching the NetSuite we ended up needing to find a mobile solution and we found that there was nothing that had offline ordering in the capacity that we wanted and that was to be able to basically have all of the information that we needed available to us, even while we’re offline. We don’t supply devices to our sales team so it’s important that they’re able to use an offline app because they don’t have cell reception on their iPads. So sometimes when they go into a salon they’re able to get on the Wi-Fi for a little bit or stop at a copy shop for a little bit to get some Wi-Fi, so it’s important that we’re able to have something that can sink while they’re offline. We also have a huge catalog and being able to organize that catalog into different you know by brand, by class, by product size, anything we really needed to, we needed something that would help the reps quickly order by kind of organizing the items like you know we have our top items, our monthly promotional items are all organized into different sections makes it easy to find. Also our sales reps didn’t have very much visibility into their accounts that they were servicing so they had to call our internal customer service department for pretty much any information, if they needed even contact information like phone numbers and emails they would have to call our internal department to get that information, so being able to have all of that at their fingertips was another one of our goals. Also we do have a pretty wide range of clientele so it’s important that we’re able to offer different payment methods to our customers and Pepperi is really let us do that. We’ve been able to accommodate everyone’s different payment methods which has been great. Another very important thing is being able to see people’s past purchases, especially with our hotheads hair extension clients, it’s important that they’re able they usually want to know you know what colors they ordered recently so we can tell them exactly what they’ve ordered in the past so that they can reorder stuff.

Before we got Pepperi definitely having the ability to see as much customer information as possible while the ref is out in the field, any time you break momentum in a sales call having to go and make a phone call to the office, you know there’s time that you’re waiting it takes that time with within the office then looking for things, it doesn’t give that complete customer experience that we’re really trying to achieve. So now that the reps are able to relate, a click of a button be able to say “oh yeah here’s what you did, here’s the color that you ordered, here’s what it looks like, here let me show you a video, let me show you”, you know everything is right in front of them, it just makes that customer experience so much more, the flow so much better, so much more effective and definitely way more impactful. So that was that’s definitely something that has been a really great tool and was something that we really wanted to continue to achieve and we thought was missing. So yeah and then the offline thing is definitely important because again you know the internet can always be a little tricky and you know we cover such a large geographical area that in some cases when you have reps in some of these more rural type areas they just don’t have access and so they have to still be able to do their job and not take it to a manual situation where they’re writing things down, it can create errors and mistakes. So to have it all right there has been you know, is definitely was one of the things we want to look at and anything that can be a lot more efficient and fast you know the faster that we can get an order taken place and then sent down to our warehouse ships picked packed and out the door is going to create opportunity for us to continue to keep increasing our sales revenue and keep increasing the opportunity for the rep to have more time to be able to talk about other things than other than just either troubleshooting problems or just taking orders. I would say that probably the biggest thing is just again the speed and efficiency and the less amount of phone calls that they are having to make to get into the office, you know our internal offices is not only fielding calls from reps with their fielding calls from customers and so you know that that creates whole time that creates extra time that all those kind of things. So we’ve seen a definite drop-off in terms of the amount of calls that the rep had to make internally and so like I said it just make their job easier. It also allows them to have some balance and they’re not doing so much homework in terms of having to get home and having to let me put this down somewhere let me measure this result because it’s all right there in front of them and they can quickly be able to update information, have things right at their fingertips. So my belief in my expected belief it’s going to give them a much better quality of their own lives that they can come home and they can sort of be done with work a little bit, where before there was a lot of after stuff that they had to do because they didn’t have that ability to get it done in the field.

We did have an extremely short amount of time when we went into this project, we needed something and we kind of needed something really fast and from the time that we signed at the time that we went live with Pepperi it was only about six weeks, It was a lot of work in those six weeks but we I just don’t we wouldn’t have been able to do that with anything else and that was really important to us also was that we would have something that would be ready for when we went live and Pepperi is fully integrated into our current ERP so we are able to pull any information that we have on the customer, we’re able to present to our sales reps out in the field and that information is available to them offline so especially in our business you know it’s professionals only so things like their cosmetology license number and their you know we need to make sure that the license is current so the expiration date of that license and maybe what type of license it is whether they’re barber esthetician it’s important to know this information when they’re out there with their customers. So being able to see all of that anything that we have on the customer being able to see that out in the field is great. So another thing is the inventory and how it’s always up to date so for some of our products like our hot-Headz! brand or hair extensions we don’t carry very many for each of the of the colors because they’re so popular they’re always selling out and it’s important that a sales rep doesn’t sell them something that that we don’t have in stock because they’re their inventory is not up to date. So we have an extremely up-to-date inventory so rep can tell their customer with confidence that you know we have this product in stock and we’re going to be able to ship it to you. so that’s been that’s been great for us. Also we have a lot of promotions in our in our industry we have a ton of different promotions that we’re always doing and they change all the time and being able to quickly make changes to those promotions, click a button and have it be effective to all of our sales reps almost immediately it’s an extremely powerful tool and another one also is the images, having images for things has been great as well because we do sell some products that really, it’s hard to sell without an image of what you’re looking at, you know a lot of like merchandising materials and posters and things like that that it’s just difficult to sell if you don’t have an image so having the images has been another added benefit to our to our sales team as well and they can even then show those images to their clients so you know now they can have their hair extensions, their hair colors, they can have those swatches available to them all on their iPad to you know turn the screen around say hey here’s what this color looks like. They can show them all of the different colors that are available and stylists are extremely visual so it’s important that they’re able to see what it is that they’re about to order, so it’s been really helpful in that way as well.

I think you know we’re excited about you know the updates and the next functionality that I think this app can bring, I don’t even still believe we’re we’ve even scratched the surface of all the different things that it has the potential to do I know that it’s got one of the next features we’re going to be opening up is the mapping routing feature which allows the rep to be able to really effectively route their you know their rotations and to have that be is efficient a pot as possible at them as a leader and a manager to be able to see that and see what they’re doing and where they’re going and where they’re spending their time, how we can continue to add reps into the field in the most effective way that feature is going to be awesome. So as well as it gives them you know GPS directions right out in the field, so especially for new people who are just learning their territories anytime that they can make that part of their job a lot more efficient and quicker unless windshield time is certainly a big feature. So I’m excited to see what the next step is going to bring and I anticipate it being you know us getting our results to be even better. So that’s kind of where I’m at let’s pass it over to Shane – well like Minda said you know we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of what we’re doing, you know the more time you have the more robust you can make Pepperi and we’re going to be working on bringing everything that we can to our reps so we’re going to be upgrading as many features as we can and giving them what they need to be able to do everything they all of their tasks in the in the field using Pepperi so the activity planning being able to schedule their day out and be able to look at that on a time frame be able to say okay during this window of time I need to be at this salon and being able to click that and just have it navigate straight to the salon is going to be a huge time-saver for them and it’s going to let them worry on you know up selling their customers and won’t worry about things like that instead of just getting there and navigating around so there’s going to be a lot of cool features that are going to be coming to our Pepperi environment pretty soon too.


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