Signal Brands

Vivian McDonald, Director of Sales, Signal Brands, USA.

"Pepperi not only increased our sales, but also those of our distributors."

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Signal Brands increase global sales of GUESS® Handbags with Pepperi


Signal Brands designs, manufactures and is the exclusive global distributor of GUESS® handbags, wallets and travel accessories. Distributing more than 50 million units each year in more than 65 countries, Signal Brands is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, a design team in Italy, manufacturing offices in Hong Kong and showrooms in every major city in the world.


  • Disjointed, manual sales processes, causing costly errors and lengthened order-to-ship cycles.
  • Inaccuracies in sales ordering and inefficiencies in order processing.
  • Lack of sales intelligence data made decision making cumbersome at all levels of the company.


  • With Pepperi, Signal Brand’s sales reps are now equipped with an e-catalog that is always up to date and easily searchable, increasing productivity in order taking.
  • Prepared with full visibility into their customer’s credit, order history, top selling items, and stock availability.
  • Able to showcase their goods and take orders even when internet connectivity is not available.
  • Set up to make the most of their time with visual route and activity planning, including GPS navigation.
  • Free to use the tablet of their choice – iPad, Android, or Windows 8


  • Pepperi not only increased Signal Brand’s sales, but also those of its distributors that work with Pepperi.
  • Sales reps are more productive and able to see more clients every day.
  • Management has full visibility into sales performance, with the ability to take timeline business decisions.