Wilco Prins, CEO of Rip Curl Europe

“Pepperi is a real game changer...our sales team can now reflect the image we want, and close more orders in the field."

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Rip Curl Blends In-Person & Online Sales to Sustain Top-Line Growth


If you surf, you’ve heard of Rip Curl. And if you don’t but have ever visited a sports gear store, you’ve no doubt seen their logo. Rip Curl is a world-leading brand of surfing sportswear as well as a major athletic sponsor, with manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe. Its dynamic line of products ranges from wetsuits and surfboards to apparel, accessories, watches, mountain wear and footwear.


  • Many sales solutions providers, so the IT personal had much more work to keep up with all the providers.
  • About 70 sales reps using different devices that visit customers in several countries, presenting catalogs in different languages and currencies.
  • Different catalogs for each season with a different lifecycle for each catalog.


  • One cloud-based sales platform: consolidated its sales rep app and B2B sales portal under one provider.
  • Flexible pricing, language and promotion management.
  • Multiple catalogs for different seasons, collections, countries, currencies, prices and sales terms.
  • Rolled out to all Rip Curl’s sales reps and retail stores in Europe.


  • Enhanced Rip Curl’s image and customer satisfaction.
  • Expanded Rip Curl’s reach to new customers via B2B e-Commerce.
  • European sales team’s administrative tasks have been cut to a minimum.
  • Enabled Rip Curl’s sales reps to focus on strategic B2B customers.