Leo Corlay, Sales Coordinator

“Implementation of Pepperi has made our sales reps more productive and freed up their time to discuss business strategy and expectations with customers”

Frederique Constant Increased Sales by an Impressive 10% With Pepperi


Founded in 1988, Frederique Constant is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, now producing over 150,000 pieces per year, sold in over 100 countries.

Frederique Constant believe in ‘Accessible Luxury’, making their range available to a broad selection of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy high quality classical watches at sensible prices.

With a sales force selling directly in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Germany; Frederique Constant were faced with a growing need to improve sales efficiency and productivity. They wanted to completely overhaul the way their field reps were operating.


  • Standardize procedures across all markets and reduce the time to take and process orders by moving from pen & paper order taking to a fully automated process
  • Replace printed catalogs with an e-catalog for an improved sales experience and one that was more fitting to a company involved in the luxury watch market
  • Provide instant access to stock levels in the field by replacing time consuming stock checking via email or complex spreadsheets
  • Improve information flow from the field including stock counts, store auditing, merchandising information and images, and competitive intelligence
  • Free up sales reps’ time so they can focus on customers’ sales challenges, promote key items, and develop new customer relationships


  • Frederique Constant selected the Pepperi mobile sales solution
  • Implementation started immediately and took just 2 months to initial production
  • The mobile sales app was rolled out in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Germany
  • Change management was key to successful adoption. Initial training of sales reps at key events like Baselworld, and the ability to provide remote support, ensured a smooth transition from paper to digital
  • The intuitive digital sales order interface drastically reduced order taking time during sales visits and reduced order processing costs
  • Product presentation is now by e-catalog with stunning images and full product information providing a professional sales experience
  • Accessibility to full sales history in the field means sales reps can make recommendations based on sell-through and best-sellers
  • Feedback and photos from the stores enables management to have a full view of what’s working in the stores and any issues that need to be addressed
  • Sales reps can now save information from each visit to plan for the next meeting and know in advance if customers are meeting their goals


  • Sales increased by an average of 10% per rep
  • Sales reps visit approximately 20% more customers per week
  • Sales order errors have been reduced by about 30%